“Established in July 2009, Hopeless Otis has a simple, yet distinct message: to encourage their fans and friends to remain positive when life feels rough.” – Melissa Alexander GALO Magazine

Band Message

As a band, the main goal  of Hopeless Otis is to have fun, and bring fun to those around us. We know this world isn't the greatest, and there are also a lot of dying scenes everywhere. Our songs bring a positive message for everyone.

Whether your teacher is an asshole, your boss is a dickhead, you can't find a job, your girl or your guy has got you down, or whatever the reason may be, we always want to remind everyone that there is something positive out there. That is what we hope our music can do for everyone that listens.

We also don't have "fans," we have friends. We aren't a band that just wants as many people to come down as possible just for our benefit alone. We want to actually meet the people at our shows. You're people, not numbers.

So if you come down to one of our shows, introduce yourself to us, we would be more than happy to get to know you.

Coming from the rich punk scene of New York City, Hopeless Otis is a three piece punk band with catchy melodies, dual vocals, and a sense of purpose. Forming in July 2009, the band consists of Joe Dorane (vocals/guitar), Larry Spahn (bass/vocals), and Eddie Kalinowski (drums). In January of 2010, they released their first EP, titled "Something Positive" and their first full length album, "A Better Place to Be" in July 2011.

Always looking for the bright side, Hopeless Otis writes songs that have a message of positivity and standing your ground against the difficulties of life. They are a band that takes pride in a down to Earth attitude, often opting to move their mics off the stage and on to the floor in the crowd, bringing a ton of energy with their music and live performance.

"New York City is a tough town and Hopeless Otis is tougher. They have shared the stage with some awesome bands and play a great live set themselves." -Punk Rock 77 Thru Today